6 comments on “The Miracle boys

  1. Hi Kacio! Do you know the names of the other boys? I’d like to know it so much! Thanks in advance!

    • Hey!

      Paul Howard as Brian May, James Currie as John Deacon, Adam Gladdish as Roger Taylor, and Ross McCall as Freddie Mercury

      Where you’re from? Your name is in Polish way! I am from Poland 😉

      • Hi, Kacio! Thanks a lot for your information!

        Yes, my name is Polish. My family is “Ojczenasz Wichrowski”. I’m Brazilian, living in Rio de Janeiro, but my grand grand father immigrated to Brazil with his parents in 1890. They came from Wielkopolskie (Skoki) and Mazowieskie (Tluchowo, Plock) to Rio Grande do Sul (a state in the south of Brazil).

        By the way, could you help me to translate my name (Wichrowski)? Nobody here knows it! rrsss… I know that Ojczenasz means the Catholic “molitva” Our Father. Somebody told me once that Wichrowski could mean “Son of the Wind/Tempest”. Unfortunately I don’t speak Polish, but I’m trying to find out a good school to learn it!



      • Hey 🙂

        “Ojcze nasz” it’s in English “Our Father” and this is prayer in Polish “modlitwa”. Correct
        Wichrowski, hmm… yeah it’s something with wind not “Son of the wind”
        Names have some historical significance.
        But Wichrowski have connection with the wind 😉
        It’s difficult to say about it 😉

        Nice to hear! Polish language is hard to learn but try it! 😉
        If you’ll learn Polish you can watch my videos for Polish Queen Fans with History of Queen! 😀


      • Hi, Kacio!

        Wow! Reseraching about my Polish roots I know how Polish language could be really hard but, as Freddie said, I’ll keep on trying!! Who knows someday I’ll be able to understand this video… 😉



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