One comment on “Freddie with Samantha Fox at the Queen party at Kensington Roof Gardens on 12th July 1986

  1. I was there too was a amazing evening,had my magic wand invitation and the girl hostess in body paint naked just did not notice the bell boy girl just with a hat on,and it was some German guy doing all the body paint with his Picasso mustache, i said how do you keep it so stiff and wide,he replied i yous my own semen,crazy bastard, the girls were wearing basque in the toilets for the Mans room and the Boys were dressed in thongs and roman style for the Ladies room, i was sitting on the same table as zig zig spotnig and Ronnie Lane of the small faces who was in a wheel chair crippled with multiple sclerosis & the little man Kiren the midget.
    Samantha fox was singing, and Gary Glitter trying to break down the toilet door for some Coke’.
    yes there is a book in my head that should come out one day if the truth should be said. my invite was from John Deacon who lived down the road from me as we used to drink together and play some pool he was next door to Richard Dimblebe and Jilly Cooper where had a great street party in them days.

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